Arctic Monkeys perform headlining Day 3 of the Leeds Festival at Bramham Park on August 24, 2014 in Leeds, England (photos)



Pretty sure last night was the most legendary I’ve ever had. I smoked cigarettes and drank with The Arctic Monkeys and Foster the People. Alex Turner let me fangirl, take selfies with him and kiss his cheek. I was THAT girl, and I’m 100 percent okay with it.

He’s going to write a song about you titled: The Impish, Mischievous, Rad Fangirl ;)

This is just beyond ridiculous. Is this real life?
Anonymous asked:
yeah, because cheating on alex with another guy from another band is not a reason enough to hate someone. i didn't use to dislike arielle, but that was fucked up from her. she doesn't deserve to be defended. And don't compare them, because all that Breana did was to point out her opinion. yes, she didn't used the right words but she already apologized on instagram.

My ask does say that “amaze me with your conspiracy theories” but im not amazed at all. Are we talking about those 2 photos of Arielle with Matty Healy? God forbid she hangs out with other boys. For her better, i hope shes not dating him or anything. But when will people stop making up their own little fanfics in their heads and believe its real??? We dont know shit about Alex and Arielles relationship so shut up. ANYWAY oh so sharing an opinion is just totally fine and who cares if its hurtful or ignorant? That instagram thing wasnt an apologize, she was just explaining herself. It was a bit shit tho. You dont need to defend her.

Its only the first day but three tests have already been announced for the week Fun times has begun

"Alex Turner’s one of the best songwriters in music. He’s got that right combination of just dangerous enough for girls to turn their heads and just safe enough for their parents to let them go to his show."

Also its quite riddiculous that arielle gets shit for basically EXISTING but breana tells something kinda offensive and ignorant, and obviously hurt some people, but they still try to defend her. Interesting.

Assuming that alex probably thinks the same about the concept of selfies like breana is quite dumb, like, do you realise that he dated arielle vandenberg, one of the greatest supporters of selfies?? But anyway, how the hell does alex come to breana?? Let me tell you that she isnt even his girlfriend.

Stop involving alex in everything, also leave the fuck alone matt! This is about breana and her opinion, not the monkeys!


breana mcdow: *is a model*

breana mcdow: *makes money off of pictures taken of her that strangers view and fawn over*

breana mcdow: “selfies are pathetic and i don’t post them because i don’t need validation of strangers”